Stewart's Gem Shop is family owned and operated since 1945.

We have been traveling all over the country doing gem shows. In the 70's our family would do up to 20 gem shows a year. Now, we do about 5. One of our shows in Turlock, CA we are the oldest dealers. This year we will be celebrating our 50th year as a dealer for The Mother Lode Mineral Society. We always attend the Denver, Tucson and Las Vegas shows as buyers.

The shop has been featured on PBS and the TV show Cash and Treasures, when they featured Star Garnets. International TV crews (France and Japan) have filmed here at our store featuring rocks found here in Idaho and surrounding states.

Rock star Donavon Frankenreiter and his band stopped by before his concert here in Boise to crack some Mexican coconut geodes. They also enjoyed all of our great rocks and crystals.

Our founder, Dudley Stewart, not only discovered how to cut our state gemstone the Star Garnet, he has also named several of the jaspers and agates that come from this and the surrounding areas. What a pioneer in the rock world he was. We thank him for leaving such a great legacy.

Come visit our shop and great rock yard...our friendly dogs love to show you around. No extra charge to pet the dogs and enjoy some sunflowers.